A wedding is an important time in your life. Attention to every detail is the order of the day. Flowers play a sentimental and romantic role in the Bridal experience. The moment is so ephermeral, flowers are a natural complement to the day. Style, taste and tradition will be a part of your final decisions and your personal choices will make your wedding day like no other. Take some time to plan the way flowers will connect all of the various elements of your wedding day. It could be with color or a signature flower that holds significance to you. The memories will last a lifetime so make sure the flowers express your bridal dreams.

Wedding Flower Money Planner

At some point in planning your wedding flowers the subject of money is going to come up. It is better to be proactive about this. Make a budget for the whole event, include everything you can think of but especially include the big things first. The top five will always be catering, entertainment, flowers, dresses and photography. In today’s market place there are dozens of other products and services trying to position themselves as being absolutely necessary, you have to learn how to make choices and decide what is important.

A budget is simply a plan for controlling expenses. What follows here is simply a way for you to calculate the price for wedding flowers on your own. There are three levels of approach, but keep in mind that every Bride’s tastes are different and at the House of Flowers our specialty is custom wedding flowers for you as an individual Bride. Think of this as a beginning in the planning process.

The Frugal Bride
The All American
Solid Gold
Bride’s Bouquet
Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids
$30.00 each
$75.00 each
$125.00 each
Junior Bridesmaid
$30.00 each
$60.00 each
$90.00 each
Flower Girls’ Bouquet
this might be a bouquet, a pomander or a basket.
$20.00 each
$45.00 each
$75.00 each
Flower Girls’ Hairflowers
There are a few different ways of handling this, but we are just making a budget.
$20.00 each`
$30.00 each
$50.00 each
Sometimes simple corsages are used for people playing minor roles in a wedding and the fancier ones are reserved for the Mothers and Grandmothers.
$12.50 each
$20.00 each
$35.00 each
$5.00 each
$7.50 each
$10.00 each
Ceremony Flowers
Many of today’s wedding take place in non traditional venues. Churches are simpler to decorate just because the ceremonial ambience already exists. If the ceremony is outdoors or in a tent more equipment like pedestals or an arch or fabric draping will be needed to create the desired atmosphere.

Reception Flowers

The most popular decoration for a reception is the centerpiece. There are lots of other ways to decorate this most important event.

Arrangements for the entry, draping the walls or tent posts, rental equipment, buffet table flowers, head table, cake flowers and almost anything else you can imagine. We are just talking about centerpieces for this budget exercise.

$30.00 each
$60.00 each
Up to $200.00 each

Now, just to illustrate how this work let’s put together a budget for an All American Bride, the middle level.

Maid of Honor
Two @ $75.00 each $150.00
Three @ $75.00 each $225.00
Junior Bridesmaid
One @ $60.00
Flower Girl
One @ $45.00
Flower Girl Hair Flowers
Two Mothers @ $30.00 each $60.00
Three Grandmothers @ $20.00 each $60.00
Corsages_2 Sisters of the Groom, 2 Readers, 3 Greeters,
8 @ $12.50 each $100.00
Boutonierres Fifteen @ $7.50 each $112.50
Ceremony Flowers

Traditional Christian church setting.
Two large arrangements for sacristy area.

Two @ $125.00 each $250.00
Unity Candle Arrangement $60.00
Floralace Aisle Runner $35.00
Bows For the Aisle Twelve @ $5.00 each $60.00
Reception Flowers Centerpieces for Twenty (20) tables @ $60.00 each
Cake flowers $75.00
Toss Bouquet $30.00
Sweetheart table $50.00
Votive candles, 4 for each of 21 tables.
84 @ $1.50 $126.00
Sub Total $2878.50
Sales Tax $ 172.71
Total $3051.21

That is how to make a budget. The best thing to do is get all your dreams spoken out loud and put down on paper. The really, really, really important things are evident right away. And what is not important is also right in front of you. This potential budget puts beautiful flowers as a prominent aspect of you wedding day and every single person attending will know how special this turning point in your life is and how much their presence is appreciated. And remember that you are in
control of the budget.

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